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Car rental company City rental

Has been operating in Bratislava since 2010.

We are active in the field of vehicle rent, operative leasing and personal transportation. During this period, we have ranked among the biggest car rent companies, thanks to what we can guarantee top and professional level of our services, but yet in terms of price, we are among the companies with lowest prices. We are renting vehicles of all categories, from small economy cars, to business limousines and big, more-seats vehicles, which we can bring to you anywhere. Even to the airports within entire EU, if needed. In our car pool, you will always find only new and top-quality vehicles, which are regularly checked in our authorised service. Our aim is to have customers who are happy with the price, as well as with the quality of our services.

In our car pool you will always find

new and quality vehicles

with a low mileage which are regularly checked in an authorised service. We have prepared also an offer of bicycles and electric tricycles which are an ideal alternative for a comfortable and fast transport for short distances. Mainly the elderly visitors of Bratislava shall appreciate electric tricycles.

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